MERCHANT NAVY COURSES Joining the Merchant Navy requires specialized training and education

Pre-Sea Training Courses:  DNS (Diploma in Nautical Science): A diploma program for those aspiring to become Deck Officers.

Pre-Sea Training Courses:  GP Rating (General Purpose Rating): Basic training for entry-level positions in both the deck and engine departments.

Deck Department Courses: B.Sc. Nautical Science: A degree program leading to a career as a Deck Officer.

Deck Department Courses:  2nd Mate (FG) Course: For those aiming to become Second Mates.

Engine Department Courses: B.E. Marine Engineering: A degree program preparing students for roles in the engine department. 

Engine Department Courses:  DME (Diploma in Marine Engineering): Diploma course for aspiring Marine Engineers.

Electro-Technical Courses:ETO (Electro-Technical Officer) Course: Training for those interested in electrical and electronic systems on board.