Blacklisted rpsl companies 2023

Question 1: What is the primary cargo carried by Liquefied Gas Tankers? A) Crude oil B) Liquefied natural gas (LNG) C) Gasoline D) Diesel

In gas processing, what does the term “LPG” stand for? A) Liquid Petroleum Gas B) Low Pressure Gas C) Liquefied Propane Gas D) Longitudinal Pipe Gauge

Which firefighting equipment is specifically designed for use in confined spaces onboard a ship? A) Fire hoses B) Breathing apparatus C) Foam monitors D) Fire extinguishers

What is the primary objective of CHEMCO in the chemical industry? A) Quality control B) Environmental conservation C) Cost reduction D) Product marketing

Which organization provides guidelines for medical examination of seafarers? A) International Maritime Organization (IMO) B) World Health Organization (WHO) C) International Labour Organization (ILO) D) International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)

Which class of fire involves flammable liquids and gases? a. Class A b. Class B c. Class C d. Class D