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Dg approved doctors near me in COCHIN



Dg approved doctors near me in COCHIN

Here is the list of Dg approved doctors near me in COCHIN, these doctors are approved by dg shipping government of India,

in cochin mmd is also there if you want to know the address of mmd chochin CLICK HERE

these dg approved doctors are approved for issuing a medical certificate and also they upload medical in your profile



Dg approved doctors near me in COCHIN


Dg approved doctors near me in COCHIN




Sr. No. Name of the Medical Examiners  / Year of Approval Reference No. Full Style of Facility  
  1 Dr. Divakar Prabhu  (Travancore Cochin Council Regn No.6525) Year-2001   House No.59/4242, "Dwaraka" Behind Sudheendra Medical Mission Hospital, Chittor Road, Ernakulam,Cochin - 682008 Phone-0484-2355257
  2 Dr. G. P. Bhatt (Travancore-Cochin CMM No.5937)  Year-2001   Jairam & Sons 45/364, V. Ayyar Road, Willingdon Island, P.B No.637, Cochin. Clinic, Opp. Gujrati School, New Road, Kochi - 2.  Phone: 224845. 
  3 Dr. S. R. Mohan Year-2001 Clinic- Cochin Hospital, M.G. Road, Kochi
  4 Dr. P. V. Unnikrishnan Year-2002  Sakthi Medical Centre, Market Canal Road, Cochin-682 035.    Telephone- 0484-2353783
5.  Dr. K.R. Jayachandran Year-2003   Gautham Hospital, P.B. No.868, Panayapilly,  Kochi-682 005 phone-2210510 (6 lines)
6 Dr. Arun Kumar Gautham Hospital, P.B. No.868, Panayapilly, Kochi-682 005  Phone-0484-2210510/ 3096020
7. Dr. Shirly John            Year-2005  Clinic: PVS Memorial Hospital Ltd. Cochin-682 017
8 Dr. M. Arvind Babu ­------- Clinic-Doctors Diagnostic Centre International, Opp. College Ground, M.C.G. Road, Ernakulam, Cohcin-682 011                     Phone-0484-2368383/2363000 FAX-0484-2364141
9 Dr. Easa V. K. (MMC Regn No.39581) Year 2010 Metro Medi Centre, C.C.No.X!/7 10A, yyatil Junction, Kochin-680 011. Tel No.0484 2370416


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