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Merchant Navy Salary? 15000$




Merchant Navy Salary

Merchant Marine Salary in the Country For many young Indians a dream, the Merchant Navy can be a great example of fair earnings and professional growth while working. In the Merchant Navy, wages can vary from Rs 12,000 to Rs 25,000 per month for fresher.

although the wage structure differs from company to company. The Merchant Navy is made up of cadets and officer positions, so the salary of the merchant navy will range from 10,000 to 13 lakhs per month.

Salary can vary from 1000$ to 2500$ per month depending on the ship and company. The above salary is only provided during the duration of the contract (per month) and not when the seafarer is on holiday. Those were the pay packages you get when you’re an officer on board. The number of officers and their salaries is the same as those of engineers.

Some vessels also have an electrical engineer or ETO and may receive a pay package of $2,000 to $5,000 per month. On some ships, the role of electrical engineer (ETO) may be combined with the position of a mechanical engineer. Engineer officers may rise to the position of chief engineer, leading a team of technical personnel both offshore and in port, before progressing to the role of chief engineer.

Promotion to the rank of captain or chief engineer can result in a salary of 7000$ to over 19000$, depending on the type and size of the ship. Senior officers can earn up to 27000 $ per year and masters (captains) can earn up to 72000$ or more per year.


The average starting salary after qualification is between 2000 $ per month for a third officer and increases from 2000$ to 3500$ for a second officer. These all depend upon the scenario of the type of ship and company.

The salary of officer cadets is between 250$ to 300$, Merchant Navy Salary includes all expenses for training, accommodation, and meals onboard. During training, the sponsoring company may pay the cadet an allowance of 1800$ to 2700$ per year, as well as accommodation during college. Sponsorship to board a ship will only be given to you by the company you are applying through if you have completed a training course at their institution.


Direct admission may also be accepted for the second year of Marine Engineering programs approved by the Directorate General of Shipping. Examinations are held for admission to naval engineering programs after grade 12.

Diploma in Nautical Science. Certificate of completion of the course of officers. Merchant Navy Wages After the 10th series of tests of physical and mental abilities. Merchant Navy Salary After 12th Applicants is eligible to join the Merchant Marine after passing the Grade 12 exam, as well as Physics, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics with 60% grades. Upon successful completion of the courses, students can expect to work in one of the leading restructuring companies in the Merchant Navy.

For people who do not want to pursue a higher university education or are unable to do so for certain reasons, a career in the merchant marine is the most realistic choice. People with unbridled enthusiasm and cheerfulness may well choose a career in the merchant marine. A career in the merchant marine not only provides good pay but also helps build a better career.

Merchant Navy Salary depends upon Experience Average Salary 0-4 years . The fourth engineer may be paid between $2,300 and $3,600 depending on the factors mentioned above. Salary per month Chief Engineer $8,000-$15,000 2nd Engineer $6,000-$12,000 3rd Engineer $3,500 $-6,000 Electrical Specialist/ETO $4,000-$5,500 4th Engineer $1,500-$3,500 Apprentice/Junior Engineer $400-1000 Miner/Oiler $800-1500 Locksmith/Maintenance $1200-1800 Janitor $600-1000 Captain $8000-15000 First Officer $6000-12000 $2nd Officer $3500-6000 3rd Mate 1500$ – 3500$ Deck Cadet 400$ -1000$ Experienced Sailor 800$ -1500$ Private Sailor 600$ – 1000$ Chief Cook / Steward 1500$ -2200$ Second Cook / Mesman 1000$ -1500$ Salary merchant fleet per month All wages per month are shown in the table above.

Since captains are always available, their salary is not dependent on a 40-hour workweek. On large ships, the captain may receive assistance from the first, second, and third officers, who supervise the ship and work four-hour shifts, known as hours. The third officer should oversee the technical operations of the ship, including fuel location, speed, mechanical or technical troubleshooting by engineers, keep records of work performed at the end of the day, ensuring that all safety standards on board are met. ship.

The third officer maintains an inventory of various things such as tools, fuel, motor oils, food, maintaining uninterrupted communication between the ship and the port, as well as with other ships in the area. The Chief Engineers of the Merchant Navy have the added responsibility of ensuring that all parts of the ship are properly manufactured and supplied with electricity and that the air conditioning, navigation, and communications systems, and onboard entertainment facilities are properly maintained. Currently, second engineer officers aboard merchant marine ships sailing in international and territorial waters are also responsible for ensuring environmental safety and ensuring that the ship does not cause any pollution.

The Merchant Shipping Act sets strict limits on blood alcohol content and drugs are prohibited. Persons participating in the Merchant Marine and Merchant Marine are exempt from paying taxes if they meet the necessary requirements for exemption. A merchant marine professional must have served on board a ship for at least six months, after which the professional will be exempt from paying taxes for the specified financial year. All crew members and officers receive free meals on board, and senior officers can take their wives with them on board.

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