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What is Simrad GC80



Simrad GC80

What is Simrad GC80

About This Simrad, This manual is intended as a reference guide for the installation, operation, and

maintenance of the Simrad GC80 and GC85 Dual Gyrocompass.

Spare Parts List A list of all standard and optional equipment used in the GC80/GC85 Dual Gyro System.

The gyroscope system GC80/85 complies with IMO A.424(11) and wheel marking specifications.

Using the GC80 dual control unit, each gyrocompass can be controlled individually,

or the GC80/GC85 dual gyro system can be used as a single and dual system.



Velocity The GC80/GC85 gyrocompass calculates the azimuth based on the speed and

latitude information entered into the gyroscopic system.

Any error in entering the speed will result in the gyrocompass bearing being incorrectly correct.

If no speed information is available, the GC80/GC85 gyro will display a west or east heading error depending on the ship’s heading.

When the latitude input system selects GYRO and the speed input system selects MANUAL,

the latitude will not be updated. Updating parameters When replacing a sensing element,

the parameters of the new element must be loaded into the control unit before the gyrocompass is activated.

The GC80 or GC85 system is identified by a sticker on the top of the main compass case, as shown in the following figure.

The gyro compasses GC85, GC80 and GC80 are fully IMO approved for standard and high-speed boats (GC85) and

can be configured into a dual gyrocompass system. The Simrad GC80 and GC85 gyrocompasses,

which are IMO approved for use onboard standard and high-speed craft respectively,

are available with compact, dual, or extended control units for installation in one or more gyro systems.

The brand is a leader in merchant marine electronics. Over the past 60 years, we have developed systems for merchant ships.

The brand goes above and beyond to maximize performance at sea by offering a full range of navigation, performance,

and communications equipment.

Small craft – yachts or boats – and larger marine vessels require training and the necessary radio navigation equipment.

For large cruising yachts, you can find elegant functional solutions to ensure crew comfort and safety.

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A wide range of control units provides complete system configuration flexibility for new installations and

easy upgrades to existing repeater systems. The standard set of interfaces can be easily extended to

provide signals for all marine applications. With the new Simrad 80 series, a fully redundant system can be configured.

Although such maintenance is required, the sensing element is fully sealed and can be replaced in the field,

allowing for on-board maintenance, minimizing or eliminating vessel downtime.

Owners and suppliers of DP systems around the world know that the Simrad GC series gyrocompass offers the

most flexible gyro compass solution on the market.

The Simrad GC80 gyrocompass is the ideal solution for advanced DP systems required by the offshore industry and similar applications.

The GC80/85 gyro system overcomes the shortcomings and limitations of the magnetic compass,

providing a variety of electrical outputs to provide accurate and consistent heading information for other navigation equipment.


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