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Is it possible to join ship without RPSL?



Is it possible to join ship without RPSL?

Is it possible to join ship without RPSL?

well nowadays dg shipping is very strict about fraud cases that happen to the seafarers,

dg shipping has made a rule that without rpsl you are not eligible to join the ship,

earlier in 2020 you can join but nowadays it is difficult.


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Is it possible to join ship without RPSL?

If you join ship without an rpsl then, it is difficult to submit an assessment for further exam,

sea-time does not count as per as rpsl form 3, is required and In form 3 every sea experience

with ship name and get with company rpsl is mentioned stamped and signed by the company for

submission of assessment for exams.


so it is mandatory to go with rpsl shipping company in 2022.

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